daddy, i miss you :')

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sometimes I can't deny if i miss him a lot

he teach me how to enjoy life

he teach me smile although when in pain

he teach me to give hand to somebody need

he teach me to be a nice girl

he teach me to be more strong

he teach me to make anybody happy

he teach me many things, that i can explain one by one

thanks for become perfect father for me. although its just 9 years, you already teach me manything that so useful for my life, really :)

because of you i become like that.

because of you i can enjoy my life.

because of you i can laugh, smile, and happy everyday.

because of you i always try to do my best

daddy i love you, more than word i can explain :')

wow! my father love photography too? yey we have same hobby dad yihuuy!

bighug and kiss for you, papa

ghea safferina adany

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  1. I know what you exactly feel gheeee :) I know your father will be proud bcs he know that he's having a nice daughter like youuuuuu :D

    Squippo says Hippo


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